A Touch of Cedar

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TouchofCdearA Touch of Cedar
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2013 Rambling Writer Press

When Marek and Randy purchased an old house in the hopes that it would help heal their troubled relationship, neither one suspected that their lives were about to change in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine. They didn’t know their house was haunted.

Swept back in time to the year 1870 by an old suit that Marek finds in the attic, he finds himself torn between the love of two men:  Eli, who was murdered by his own brother four days after Marek’s first visit — and Randy, his own adulterous lover in the present.  Caught in the web of a one-hundred forty year old murder, Marek vows to return to 1870 to stop Eli’s murder. But time is running out.  Will he succeed?  And if he does, will he stay in 1870 or return to his own time — and to his own lover who is waiting for him in the present?