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While browsing for a new novel to read, Brent: The Heart Reader caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, it is described as a New Age Romance and as far as I can recall, I have not yet come across a New Age M/M book. Moreover, the hero Brent, is a Tarot card reader and I have to admit that I’ve myself dabbled quite a bit in Tarot over the years. The author of the book, Wynn Wagner, is also author of the Vamp Camp series which I really enjoyed so I thought I’d give this one a go as well.

Brent, from whose point of view the story is told, is not your typical young man. He is a kind-hearted, emotionally wounded tarot reader who has just suffered the loss of his adopted mother and is finding life more than a bit challenging at the moment. His remaining adopted family – religious zealot cousins – want nothing to do with their gay tarot-reading Swedish relative. But Brent isn’t alone for long. He receives a new tarot client named Takota, an extremely handsome Sioux man who is recovering from recently having lost his lover. Brent provides Takota an amazing reading which helps the Sioux man move on from his pain and loss. A subsequent visit from Takota leads to a romp in the bedroom and the two men almost immediately fall in love. Brent finds a new family in Takota and as their relationship progresses, Brent’s past scars begin to heal. But the story does not end there.

What follows is an exciting adventure as the two men get to know each other and deal with the difficulties that face them – namely numerous attempts on Brent’s life. Throughout the novel, we meet Takota’s zany family, Brent’s gun-toting best friend Kaela, and a sexy detective. But in the end, all is well and the healer is healed.

I can’t begin to express how much I loved this book. Not only was the sex between the two men sizzling, but the witty and cheeky dialog had me laughing out loud on many occasions. Now I will say that it helps if the reader is a bit open minded as tarot card reading, Reiki healing, spirit guides, karma and universal balance are just some of the topics that the reader encounters.

I found this to be a refreshing, rich, well-written novel that combines humor, suspense and romance into a tender, emotionally powerful story. Some folks may have a difficult time with some of the new age mystical elements but all it all, I find Brent: The Heart Reader to be well worth the time. Who knows? After reading this amazing book, you might want to run out and purchase your own tarot deck. Recommended!!

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