Queerwolf: A Fun Read

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I have had bad mornings over the years but nothing like the morning our hero Ted faced inQueerwolf by Rob Rosen. He woke up one morning on a ferry, naked, lying in a pool of blood with neither his wallet nor his keys to be found. Luckily, he runs into his super-hunky next door neighbor Blake outside of his apartment building who helps him out by letting him use his phone and take a shower.

Soon we learned how Ted ended up in such an unseemly situation: he turned into a werewolf for the first time while out on a date and then ate a sea lion (hence, all the blood). But the plot thickens as he learns that he’s not only a werewolf but an alpha and that the local pack of werewolves wants him dead. Thus begins the hilarious misadventures of Blake and Ted as they try to figure a way out of their predicament (Oh yeah – did I neglect to mention that Ted ends up sleeping with Blake? Many times?).

While what I described above doesn’t seem all humorous at the surface, the novel is indeed truly hysterical and I spent a good portion of my reading time either smiling or laughing out loud. I can best describe this story as a adrenaline-fuel romantic comic romp with a tinge of horror, mystery, family drama and hot sex thrown in. Rob Rosen gives us an entirely new kind of werewolf who has to deal with many of the same issues as all of us: trying to fit in and dealing with being different.

I so loved this book! It was funny, gripping, fun and very well written. Recommended!!!!

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