Book Update on New Novel – Ghost at the Prom

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the fourth book in the Ghost Oracle series, which will be entitled “Ghost at the Prom.” (Though the name is subject to change). I hope to have it up and for sale within the next couple of weeks.

In this book, Nick, our sixteen-year-old psychic medium, runs into an angry ghost at the prom who appears to be aggressively haunting another high school kid. Nick decides to help, and of course, things get pretty messy for our young medium.

The fifth book in the series should be about sometime later this year. I have most of it already written, so all that’s left is the editing process. After that, I’m planning on only one more book to wrap up the series. However, I may write a Nick Michaelson standalone novel from time to time.

The cover for the new book is below.

Ghost at the prom blog

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