Christmas Cookies That Sparkle

Christmas Cookies That Sparkle book cover

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Matthew McDade is coming home for Christmas four years after running away from home. He’s been estranged from his family that entire time but is finally willing to make amends with his parents for how they treated him after he came out.

But Matt is not willing to make amends with Rory Ingleby, the boy who callously broke his heart. Ever. That, according to Matthew, is one bridge that cannot ever be mended.

However, the universe has other plans for Matthew and Rory. A not-so-unplanned encounter at his parents’ masquerade party throws Rory once again into Matthew’s life, along with some help from Matthew’s matchmaking parents and a mysterious old woman. But can Matthew ever forgive Rory for what he did? Or will they both be able to mend their hearts and get their Christmas miracle?

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