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Image of RogerMy name is Roger and I welcome you to my Web Site!

I am a author who pens books with mainly gay protagonists.  Most of my novels also have some sort of paranoral element to them, whether that be ghosts, werewolves or a touch of magic and most have a least a touch of romance.

A little bit about me….

Born in:  Detroit, Michigan

Grew up in:  Upper Peninsula of Michigan (yup – I’m a Yooper!)

Current location: I currently live in Milwaukee, WI with my excessively patient, long-suffering and dashingly good-looking mate.

Occupation:  I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction (technical manuals) and a hobbyist photographer.

Work:  I spent most of my life working with technology. Past (and current) occupations include: French teacher, English teacher, computer programmer (mainly databases and SQL), computer software trainer (Photoshop, Lightroom, Microsoft Office, and Mac software), photographer, training coordinator, video course creator and technical writer.

Education:  I have a Master’s degree in Foreign Language and Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in French & Psychology.

What I do:  I write fiction (mainly young adult, gay romance & urban fantasy).  I still do some contract work on the side teaching Photoshop, Lightroom as well as database design but prefer to spend my time writing about vampires, werewolves, tarot readers, and ghosts.

Hobbies/Interests:  I enjoy pretty much anything photography/photography software-related.  I also travel as much as I can and am currently learning to play the piano.  I am also a sucker for languages and spend time brushing up on my French and Spanish in my spare time.  I also like the usual stuff:  voraciously reading books, going to the movies, spending time out in nature, listening to music, playing with gadgets, and riding my motorcycle.

Book/Movies:  As you can tell from my blog and my fiction, I especially enjoy stories about the paranormal (ghosts, vamps, shifters, etc.), fantasy, horror superheroes, and M/M Romance. So these are the types of things you’ll find on my blog. I’m currently doing a 365 day “Movie-a-Day” challenge so if you’re a film buff, you can follow my adventures on the blog.

Little Known Tidbit:  I grew up in a house without hot running water, a bathtub or a shower.  Wanna know more about that?  Ask me 🙂  I know, right?

My Work:  My books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Smashwords and Kobo.  I also release a weekly short story that’s only available to my Newsletter subscribers.  If you want to find out more about my upcoming work, you can subscribe to my newsletter HERE.

This site: I created this blog to share my world and my work with you!  I intend it to a place for me to share who I am and what I like to do: to talk about some of my favorite things such as writing and photography, perhaps discuss my favorite books, movies, and gadgets (I am a bit of a geek, I admit), discuss my work and to display some of my photography  — one of the means by which I document and tell the story of my life. Through my work and this blog, I hope to try and see the world in a new way and share it with you.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the postings and get to know me and my work a bit better.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact me – I love hearing from folks!

Connect with me here:

Facebook:  http://facebook.com/rogerhyttinen.author

Goodreads (where I talk about books): https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1513118.Roger_Hyttinen

Letterboxd (where I talk about movies): https://letterboxd.com/rhyttinen/

Send me an email at writerdude@wisguy.com

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