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Returning to Writing: A Year in the Rearview

Pexels dziana hasanbekava 7063763It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since I last put my thoughts into words on this platform. It feels both like a blink of an eye and a lifetime. The white page in front of me seems more intimidating than it did a year ago, but as I type, the familiar rhythm is returning, reminding me of the joy and solace I find in writing.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs, doesn’t it? For those who have been with me for a while, you’d recall the frequency and enthusiasm with which I used to share my thoughts, musings, and stories. It was as much a passion project as it was a form of therapy. But, as with every journey, there come detours and pauses.

A New Chapter in a New Condo

One of the most significant changes in my life was the decision to sell my house and move into a new condo. Anyone who has ever moved residences knows the magnitude of this undertaking – the endless packing, decluttering, the emotional heaviness of parting with memories tied to a place, and the simultaneous thrill of crafting new ones. This transition, though an exciting one, was certainly more time-consuming and draining than I had imagined.

Health First

Amidst the chaos of moving, my health decided to chime in. Without delving too deep into the specifics, the past year saw me grappling with health issues that demanded both my physical and emotional bandwidth. It was an eye-opener, a period of introspection, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Writing, though my solace, took a backseat as I navigated this unfamiliar terrain.

Looking Forward

With all that said, I find myself in calmer waters now. The health storm has passed, and the new condo feels more like home every day. With these hurdles behind me, I am elated to announce that I will be returning to regular blogging.

To my ardent readers, here’s a little treat to look forward to: Over the hiatus, while my blogging ceased, my writing in the background did not. I’m thrilled to reveal that there’s a completed book in the editing stages — a gay Christmas romance novel. More details will follow in due time but know that it’s a piece of my heart and soul that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

And for those who have been patiently waiting, I have some exhilarating news to share: the final installment of the Ghost Oracle Series is nearing completion! It’s been a profound adventure, crafting this tale and sharing it with all of you. Every twist, every character, and every spectral encounter has been leading us to this culminating moment. I’m as excited as you are to see how the story concludes and to share that experience with each of you. Stay tuned for further announcements, cover reveals, and release dates.

Here’s to the grand finale of our ghostly adventures (though Nick and the gang may return for future adventures)!


Before signing off, I’d like to express my deep gratitude. To those who sent messages, checking in, offering support, or merely sharing their stories – thank you. Your warmth and understanding served as a comforting balm during challenging times.

As I embark on this new chapter (pun intended), I hope you’ll join me. Whether it’s life updates, thoughts on the world, or snippets from my upcoming book, the journey promises to be an enriching one.

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Goodreads Giveaway for Keeping Corey

Keeping Corey Book CoverI’m very excited to inform you that I just created a Goodreads Giveaway for my upcoming book “Keeping Corey,” a Young Adult LGBT contemporary that takes place at a hockey academy. I’m giving away 20 Kindle copies of the book. If you like to enter for a chance to win, you can enter here: Enter Giveaway. The giveaway only goes through February 4th so you’ll want to enter as soon as possible. The book will be published on February 6th.

Good luck!

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Keeping Corey is Available for Preorder!

Keeping Corey book cover. Young man in hockey gear stands behind seocnd young man with red hair.I am so excited! My latest book, Keeping Corey, is now available for preorder from online retailers. It’s a YA gay romance that takes place at a hockey academy and will be released on February 6, 2023. The synopsis is below:

After being outed at his last high school, Devin O’Hanlon’s parents enrolled Devin at the Grovesburg Hockey Academy, his father’s alma mater. Never mind that Devin doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, nor has any interest in sports. The academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Devin — a clean slate where nobody knows him as the gay kid. Unfortunately, being a red-headed non-athlete singled him out with the bullies, and he found himself in the same predicament as his last school. Things only get worse when he learns that his new roommate, a transfer from another school, is a star hockey player—an incredibly hot star hockey player.

Corey Harper has been expelled from two schools. Grovesburg Academy is his last chance; if this doesn’t work out, his father has threatened to send him to military school. But Corey has no intentions of getting expelled again. This school is a new start for him — a place where nobody knows him or about his past. Despite a rough start, Corey and his new roommate Devin find they have a lot in common and soon become inseparable. But Corey doesn’t allow himself to get too close to Devin because he has a secret that nobody here must uncover—and Corey has mastered hiding his feelings. His plan is to keep his head down, do what’s required of him, and bring his academy to the championship. Can Corey juggle his junior year, hockey, a hostile coach, and his friendship with Devin, all the while keeping his secret hidden from everyone?

But when Corey’s secret is threatened to be exposed, he is forced to make a difficult choice—a choice that goes against his heart and his soul.

I had a blast writing it, and I hope you love it as much as I do. You can preorder from the following online stores:

Amazon Preorder

Smashwords Preorder

Barnes & Noble Preorder

Apple Books Preorder

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My Newest Book is Live

Pushed under the mistletoe print AmazonI am so excited to write this – finally! My latest novel, “Pushed Under the Mistletoe” is now live at online retailers. It’s a heartwarming, small-town Christmas Novel coming in at about 47,000 words. The blurb is below:

Danny Latham is a highly sought-after wedding photographer who has just gone through the worst breakup ever — and right before Christmas. Danny was supposed to have taken his boyfriend home with him to Torch Lake, Florida, for Christmas, but that wasn’t going to happen now. Heartbroken, he instead asks his best friend, Joey to accompany him home for Christmas.

Reluctantly, Joey accepts. Little does Danny know that Joey has been in love with him for as long as Joey can remember. It doesn’t help that Danny’s family keeps trying to get them together, believing that Joey and Danny are perfect for each other.

Will Joey’s heart be able to handle a Christmas with Danny and his meddling family? Or will this be the year Joey finally comes clean and tells Danny how he really feels?

If you’d like a heartwarming friends-to-lovers Christmas romance with a couple of lovable but clueless characters, a meddling family and plenty of Christmas cheer, you’ll want to check out Pushed Under the Mistletoe.

Click to purchase Under the Mistletoe from your favorite online retailer

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Newsletter & Book Announcement

Typically, my weekly newsletter is only available to newsletter subscribers.  But this week, I decided to post it to my blog as well, to give people an idea of what it contains and to see if they might be interested in subscribing. The entire contents of the newsletter are below.

Weekly roundup

To everyone new here to the list: Welcome to my newsletter! In the newsletter, I’ll share a link to some of the things I shared on social media that I thought were interesting. I’ll also include book news, cover reveals, and more goodies.

I have some exciting news this week: the fifth book in my Ghost Oracle series is now available at your favorite online retailerIt’s entitled “Camping with a Ghost” and here is the blurb:

Nick is out camping with his friends, and the last thing he expected was to encounter the ghost of someone he knows from school. After the trip, the spirit continues to appear to Nick, leaving him no choice but to investigate his classmate’s disappearance and attempt to discover what happened to him.

As he zeros in on the mystery surrounding his missing classmate, Nick uncovers several secrets surrounding the ghost’s demise, which attracts some unwanted attention from the murderer. As Nick gets closer to uncovering the truth—and finding his dead classmate’s body—the threats become increasingly more severe, and Nick soon finds himself in a deadly situation.

Meanwhile, the Shadow Demon has upped its game, and Nick has another encounter with the creature. This time, the demon has made its intentions clear to Nick, which means Nick must do everything in his power to not only protect himself and his boyfriend Gabe but his family as well.

Camping with a ghost

This was such a fun book to write! The last and final book in the series will be forthcoming. If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you can check them out at my website here:

If you enjoyed this newsletter, feel free to share it with your friends, and family. I would really appreciate it.

Okay, enough book chat. On to this week’s roundup!

Weekly Round-Up – Some Things I Thought Were Worth Sharing

  1. I love time travel stories so I may have to watch this: ‘The Adam Project’ review: A flashy time travel adventure with an all-star cast I also haven’t heard of this animated time travel series before – will definitely have to check it out as well – Undone: Season 2, Prime Video This April
  2. For my writer friends: Short Story Tips: 3 Successful Strategies to Write a Short Story. There’s also this: If You Want to Write a Novel, Start with a Plan: Stephanie Gangi on Writing Her Debut in Her Late 50s
  3. I stumbled across this article by Chris Guillebeau entitled “36 Ways to Live Differently” Lot’s of great wisdom here.
  4. Right now books are in danger – one can go a step further and say that imagination and ideas are in danger: The Power—and Necessity—of Reading Dangerously. Speaking of danger, here’s an article entitled, Why Stories Are Dangerous — And Why We Need Them Anyway. You might also be interested in this article about book banning: Brad Meltzer on how a community fought a school book ban in Pennsylvania and won: My book was banned. Here’s how we fought back
  5. Eye Candy – some of these are amazing! The Winners of Sony World Photography Awards for 2022. Oh, and let’s not forget about The Winners of the 11th Annual Mobile Photography Awards
  6. Well this sucks: HBO hit with class action lawsuit for allegedly sharing subscriber data with Facebook.
  7. Here are 10 women photographers and organizations that use their art to raise awareness and make a difference where they can.
  8. How a viral tweet turned into a queer coming-of-age graphic novel. Also, three authors recently targeted by the religious right and Republicans spoke out about being at the center of controversy: LGBTQ authors of banned books speak out on why their stories matter.
  9. Crime writers talking writing routines, research, putting in the work, and keeping caffeine levels: David Heska Wanbli Weiden Takes His Craft Seriously and His Coffee Very Strong
  10. Privacy Watch: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Privacy on Your iPhone Right Now
  11. Some writing tips: How to Pitch a Story: 10 Killer Pitch Tips. There’s also this article which some writers may find helpful: Don’t Overthink It: The Argument For Just Starting to Write. And if you suffer from self-doubt, then this may help: Dealing With Self-Doubt And Writer’s Block With Dharma Kelleher.
  12. Just for fun (and cuteness) 20 Photos Of Pets Proving That Nature Has A Great Sense Of Humor. And if you’re looking for something funny to read, here’s a breakdown of The Best Comedy Books of 2022 (So Far).
  13. Interesting article about the internet’s relentless deluge of images: The Empire of the Archive: On the Relentless Contemporary Deluge of Images
  14. A new series of Dr. Seuss-inspired books will feature diverse authors and illustrators.
  15. The Books Will Keep You Warm – A celebration of small-town libraries and retro mysteries.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Ernest Shackleton’s Ship Found After 106 Years

Camping with a ghost 2

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Norian’s Gamble is Out!

Norian's Gamble book coverYou’ve been hearing me talk about my werewolf novel for the past couple of months. Well, the wait is finally over. Norian’s Gamble is finally out! However, it’s available only on Amazon at the current time. I’m experimenting with their Kindle Unlimited feature, so for the next 90 days, it will be exclusive to Amazon. I’ll most likely publish wide after that — though if the Kindle Unlimited experiment is a success, then I may run it for another 90 days. We’ll see.

Anyway… Norian’s Gamble is the first book in the Wolves of Norbury series. There will not be a continuous plot thread like there was in my Ghost Oracle series. Every novel in the Wolves of Norbury series will stand alone, so you can read them in any order.

Below is the blurb for Norian’s Gamble:

©2022 Rambling Wordsmith Press

Prince Norian spends his days training with the courtesans and studying his lessons, preparing for the day when he’ll eventually be king. But all that changes one evening when, in an act of spite by a vengeful sorcerer, he’s bitten by a werewolf. As a result, he now bears the curse of the wolf.

When he learns that there’s a haven for werewolves in a town called Norbury, Norian sets out, hoping to find a cure there. What he didn’t count on is the handsome and charismatic Kalen, the current leader of the Norbury pack. Both men are confused by their odd physical reaction to each other until they learn that they just might be each other’s one true mate.

But all thoughts are mating are pushed aside when the sorcerer makes another offensive move, leading Norian to have to make one of the most important decisions he’ll ever have to make — one that will affect Kalen, his kingdom, his new wolf pack, and his very life.

Note: This story contains explicit love scenes between adult males 18 years and older and is intended for mature audiences.

Norian’s Gamble is the first story in the Wolves of Norbury series, taking place in a fictional world where kings still rule, werewolves are real, and sorcerers run amok. Each book in this series is a standalone and will contain no cliffhangers.

Purchase Norian’s Gamble from Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited)

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My New Novella: Christmas Cookies That Sparkle

Christmas Cookies That Sparkle Cover

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas romance stories and they tend to fill up pretty much my entire December reading list, both books and films which is kind of odd given that I’m not a huge “Christmas person.” So this year, I decided to write a M/M Christmas romance myself. The two main characters for my story, Matthew and Rory, have been bouncing in my head for awhile until I finally brought them to the page in my latest story “Christmas Cookies That Sparkle.”

This is a Christmas 43,000 word novella that follows Matthew who, after being shunned by his parents after he comes out to them and having his heart broken by the boy he loved, runs away from home. After being estranged from his family for four years, they finally find him online and reconnect. They invite him back home for Christmas, which, after a bit of deliberation, he accepts. Though he’s willing to make amends with his parents, he has no intention of ever seeing Rory — the boy who broke his heart— again or will he ever forgive Rory for the hurtful things Rory said to him on the day he broke Matthew’s heart. However, the universe, along with Matthew’s meddling parents and a mysterious older woman who keeps popping up, have different plans for Rory and Matt.

Christmas Cookies That Sparkle is about first love, redemption, second chances and finding your Christmas miracle. I had so much fun writing this story and I’m excited that it’s finally out in the world. It’s funny — I’ve wanted to write a Christmas romance for several years now and have never gotten around to it so I’m so happy I pulled it off this year. I think I may make this a yearly occurrence.

You can buy Christmas Cookies That Sparkle on Amazon — and it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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