Hanging Out with Entrepreneurs

$100 Startup book Image A week ago, I spent a fun evening with a bunch of entrepreneurs in Milwaukee. Chris Gillebeau* was in town promoting his recent book “The $100 Startup” and seeing that I’ve been a fan of Chris’ work for awhile now, I decided to head to Milwaukee to see him. Over the years I’ve purchased a couple of his guides (Art + Money and The Empire Building Kit), his previous book (Art of Non-Conformity) and have learned quite a bit from him over the years. If nothing else, his work has provided me with the motivation to continue working for myself while generating new ideas along the way.

I think it’s important for those of us who work for ourselves to continue learning and associating with like-minded individuals. When I first started out on my own, I found myself sitting at my computer all day long, rarely venturing out and interacting with others. Even though I am somewhat of an introvert, it didn’t take long before I began craving human interaction. Without regular contact with others, I found myself becoming stale and stagnant – and the ideas that had previously come so freely slowed to a trickle. Thus, I then made it a point to get out and socialize with like-minded folks whenever possible.

Hearing Chris speak the other night and talking with all of the interesting people there reinforced this for me. I arrived home that evening energized, motivated and full of new ideas that I am looking forward to implementing in my own business. While many of us consider ourselves writers first and formost, we are also business people and like it or not, some of us have to make an effort to market our work. Gathering with other business folks may give you new ideas and new perspectives in helping you get the word out about your own business or your own work.

So if you are feeling stuck, in a rut or feel that your writing business lacks momentum, try putting yourself out there with other writers and/or entrepreneurs – perhaps attend a local Meetup or join a group of entrepreneurs and/or writers. You might be pleasantly surprised.

*I am not an affiliate nor do I receive any financial kickbacks from any of Chris’s products. I just like his work and feel that it is worthwhile.*

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