The 52 Book Club Reading Challenge

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I mentioned in a previous post that I was doing the 2022 PopSugar reading challenge, one that I typically do every year. While I was impatiently waiting for the prompt list to be released, I came across another similar challenge entitled “The 52 Book Club Reading Challenge.” This one has 52 prompts and like PopSugar, runs from January 1 to December 31st; that is to say, you read 52 books in 52 weeks. I found a few books that meet both the PopSugar and the 52 Book Club challenges but I’m mostly going to try to read unique books for each challenge. I tend to read about 140 books a year so I should be able to pull it off (though I do read a lot of ARCs and New Releases).

There is also a Goodreads Group for the challenge so you can find ideas for books to fit the prompts as well as discuss books and share your progress with others. There is also a Facebook Group as well, if that’s your bag.

I’ll post the prompts below and if you like what you see, then feel free to join in on the fun!

Reading Challenge Prompts:

  1. A Second-Person Narrative
  2. Featuring A Library Or Bookstore
  3. Title Starting With The Letter “E”
  4. Title Starting With The Letter “F”
  5. Chapters Have Titles
  6. Household Object On The Cover
  7. A Non-Fiction Best Seller
  8. Involving The Art World
  9. A Book That Sparks Joy
  10. A Book Based On A Real Person
  11. A Book With Less Than 2022 Goodreads Ratings
  12. Set On At Least Two Continents
  13. Includes A Club
  14. A Character With Superhuman Ability
  15. A Five-Syllable Title
  16. A Book You’ve Seen Someone Reading In A Public Place
  17. A Book Picked Based On Its Spine
  18. Jane Austen-Inspired
  19. A Book That Has An Alternate Title
  20. Related To The Word “Gold”
  21. Published By Simon & Schuster
  22. An Unlikely Detective
  23. Author With An X, Y, Or Z In Their Name
  24. Addresses A Specific Topic
  25. A Wealthy Character
  26. Has An “Author’s Note”
  27. Includes A Map
  28. Award-Winning Book From Your Country
  29. Over 500 Pages Long
  30. Audiobook Is Narrated By The Author
  31. Technology Themed
  32. A Book That Intimidates You
  33. A Bilingual Character
  34. Author’s Photo On The Back Cover
  35. From The Villain’s Perspective
  36. Recommended By A Favorite Author
  37. Set In A Rural Area
  38. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!
  39. A Middle-Grade Novel
  40. A Book With Photographs Inside
  41. Involves A Second Chance
  42. An Indie Read
  43. Author Who’s Published In More Than One Genre
  44. An Anthology
  45. A Book With Illustrated People On Cover
  46. Job Title In The Title
  47. Read During The Month Of November
  48. Redo One Of This Year’s Prompts But With A Different Genre
  49. Book Title Starts With The Same Letter As Your First Name
  50. A Person Of Color As The Main Character
  51. The Word “Game” In The Title
  52. Published In 2022

In case you missed it, here’s a link to my post on the PopSugar Challenge.

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