Movie-a-Day Challenge: Doctor Sleep

Doctor sleep

This post is part of my movie-a-day challenge in which I will watch a film every day for 365 days. You can see all the posts for this challenge HERE

Hey there, movie friends! 🎥✨

I just had the pleasure of watching “Doctor Sleep,” the 2019 sequel to the iconic “The Shining,” directed by the talented Mike Flanagan. This film is not just a mere follow-up; it’s a journey into a beautifully dark world that honors its predecessor while carving its own identity.

The story picks up years after the events at the Overlook Hotel, and we see Danny grappling with trauma and alcoholism. It’s dark but deeply moving.

Speaking of Danny, Ewan McGregor shines as an adult Danny Torrance. But what really adds depth to the story is the introduction of Abra, played brilliantly by Kyliegh Curran. She’s a young girl with her own powerful ‘shine,’ and her character adds a fresh, compelling dynamic to the story. Watching her and Danny form a bond, navigating their abilities and facing daunting foes, is one of the highlights of the film.

Now, onto the new elements. The introduction of the True Knot, a group of psychic vampires led by Rebecca Ferguson’s character, the mesmerizing ‘Rose the Hat,’ is genuinely chilling. Ferguson is fantastic, bringing a mix of charisma and menace that’s just perfect for the role. These villains add a new level of creepiness and intrigue to the story. Their pursuit of immortality by preying on those with the shine sets the stage for some truly tense moments. And the way the film explores the supernatural elements while keeping the human emotion at the forefront is impressive.

Now, let’s talk about the length. Yes, it’s a 2-1/2 hour movie, but believe me, it doesn’t feel like it. The pacing is so well-handled that time just seems to fly by. You’re so pulled into the world of Danny and Abra, their struggles and triumphs, that you barely notice how long you’ve been watching.

Visually, “Doctor Sleep” is a treat. The callbacks to the original “The Shining” are done with such care and respect. Those iconic hallway scenes? Still as creepy as ever. And the final act? No spoilers, but it’s a satisfying nod to fans of the original.

The pacing might feel slow to some, but I think it allows the story to breathe and the characters to develop. This isn’t just a horror movie; it’s a deep dive into dealing with trauma, addiction, and finding redemption.

In summary, “Doctor Sleep” is a fantastic film. It’s a story about facing your demons, both literal and metaphorical, and the power of connection. Mike Flanagan has crafted a sequel that stands tall on its own merits while respecting the legacy of “The Shining” — a fantastic blend of the old and the new.

That’s it from me. To all my American friends out there, Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁 May your day be filled with joy, delicious food, and maybe a good movie or two!

Catch you in the next review,
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