Should my blog have a niche?

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Many professional bloggers state that your blog should have a niche, that you should only write about one topic, such as writing or photography. I’ve read time and time again about how a blogger who diversifies too much on their blog will end up losing readers. That is to say if someone came to your blog because you write about photography and you start posting about your comic book collection, they will leave.

Perhaps I can see this being the case if you’re trying to build a brand. If you’re trying to develop a coding course business, for example, I can see how writing about scrapbooking might drive away your potential customers.

I’ve maintained several blogs over the years (though this blog has been around the longest), and in the process, I’ve tried to niche down the blog topics. For example, I used to post tons of book reviews on this blog but eventually split them up into a separate blog (Roger’s Reads). I also had a blog where I talked about tech stuff because tech and gadgets are a couple of other interests of mine and there was another blog where I posted only about Apple-related stuff.

Now while I do talk about my books on this blog, I’ve decided that I want to post about other topics here as well. I never intended for this to be solely a “brand” blog but rather a place where I can talk about a wide variety of different things. Given that I have a lot of interests and hobbies, it was inevitable that they’d show up on this blog.

I want this to be a spot where I talk about topics that interest me, which may be of interest to others as well. This includes books I’ve enjoyed, my writing process, being a musician, fun tech gadgets, exciting software, and more. If I maintained a separate blog for all of them, I’d never have the time to keep them all updated.

But if you are here solely for my books, there is a tab on top where you can learn all about my novels. You also use the category list in the right sidebar to view only those posts whose topics are of interest to you, whether that be photography or book reviews.

With all that being said, I’m going to be slowly phasing out my other blogs (which have been kind of neglected anyway), and my writing will cover a larger variety of topics here. Of course, I hope to create posts that people will find interesting. And for those posts that you don’t…well, there’ll be a post on a different topic the next day.

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