My New Novella: Christmas Cookies That Sparkle

Christmas Cookies That Sparkle Cover

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas romance stories and they tend to fill up pretty much my entire December reading list, both books and films which is kind of odd given that I’m not a huge “Christmas person.” So this year, I decided to write a M/M Christmas romance myself. The two main characters for my story, Matthew and Rory, have been bouncing in my head for awhile until I finally brought them to the page in my latest story “Christmas Cookies That Sparkle.”

This is a Christmas 43,000 word novella that follows Matthew who, after being shunned by his parents after he comes out to them and having his heart broken by the boy he loved, runs away from home. After being estranged from his family for four years, they finally find him online and reconnect. They invite him back home for Christmas, which, after a bit of deliberation, he accepts. Though he’s willing to make amends with his parents, he has no intention of ever seeing Rory — the boy who broke his heart— again or will he ever forgive Rory for the hurtful things Rory said to him on the day he broke Matthew’s heart. However, the universe, along with Matthew’s meddling parents and a mysterious older woman who keeps popping up, have different plans for Rory and Matt.

Christmas Cookies That Sparkle is about first love, redemption, second chances and finding your Christmas miracle. I had so much fun writing this story and I’m excited that it’s finally out in the world. It’s funny — I’ve wanted to write a Christmas romance for several years now and have never gotten around to it so I’m so happy I pulled it off this year. I think I may make this a yearly occurrence.

You can buy Christmas Cookies That Sparkle on Amazon — and it’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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