Weekly Roundup – June 26, 2021

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Big news this week for me: The fourth book in my Ghost Oracle series has been released and is not available at online retailers. You can view more about it on my website at: https://rogerhyttinen.com/book/ghost-at-the-prom/

I’ve nearly finished writing Book 5 (as of yet, unnamed) so I hope to have it completed within the next couple of months.

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So on to the roundup.

Weekly Round-Up – 15 Things I Thought Were Worth Sharing

  1. Why People Fall For Conspiracy Theories
  2. This is a feature I’m sure many people will be happy about. Instagram may soon let you post from desktop
  3. In support of pride month, let’s shop at local gay businesses. Here’s a list of 56 Queer-Owned Bookstores to Support
  4. I haven’t been back to the theater since the pandemic….maybe soon (or not). On going back to the movies.
  5. Bridezilla: “I Expect Everyone To Lose Weight”: Bride Sends An Insane List Of Rules To Her Bridesmaids
  6. Curiouser and Curouiser….People Swallowing Their AirPods Is Becoming Very Common
  7. ‘What’s A Scam Most People Don’t Even Realize Is A Scam? 86 People Deliver Their Insights on scams
  8. How many of these have you done or experienced? There are several for me! 95 Extremely Awkward Situations That We Can All Relate To, As Shared In This Thread
  9. Vatican condemned for ‘unprecedented interference’ in Italian bid to outlaw anti-LGBT+ hate
  10. It’s about time! Gay WW2 Hero Alan Turing Memorialized On New British £50 Note; ‘A Celebration Of His Remarkable Life
  11. “Lockdown was not a sabbatical. Don’t worry if you haven’t grown as a person during the pandemic. ”
  12. Just for fun: Parents Were In Stitches After Hearing These 41 Witty One-Liners From Their Little Ones, As Shared On Twitter
  13. From the Minimalists: 40 Life Lessons from 40 Years
  14. I’ve been thinking about the so-called productivity gurus for a while now when I came across this article: “The soothing, slightly sinister world of productivity hacks — There’s a crop of influencers romanticizing the workday. Is that a good thing?”
  15. In a TEDx Talk from 2017, LB Hannahs talks about their experience as a transgender dad

Oh, and in case you missed it: Carl Nassib Comes Out, First Active Gay NFL Player: ‘Been Meaning To Do This For A While’

From the Blog

  1. I know the names of everyone’s dog
  2. Book Update on New Novel – Ghost at the Prom
  3. Upgrading to Big Sur
  4. Wordless Wednesday: Be Mindful Where You Walk
  5. Ghost at the Prom is out!
  6. AirPods?

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