Weekly Roundup – August 7, 2021

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to my Weekly Roundup where each Saturday, I post links to things I shared on social media throughout the week that I thought were interesting. I’ll also include book news, cover reveals, and more goodies.

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So on to the roundup.

15 Things I Thought Were Worth Sharing

  1. There’s a few nuggets here: 10 Regrets Too Many People Will Have in 10 Years
  2. Thoughtful article: Sell This Book! Corporate publishing wants to turn all readers into renters. We’re trying to stop them.
  3. Just for fun: 35 Of The Funniest Things That People Accidentally Overheard Their Coworkers Say From Twitter’s #OverheardAtWork Trend
  4. Why can’t we sleep? How work schedules wreck our biological clocks.
  5. I could use a writer’s retreat right about now: The Benefits of a DIY Personal Writer’s Retreat
  6. Looking to improve your photography? Here are over 100 Photography Tips to Elevate your Photography
  7. How easy it really is to fall into the “perfect life” trap on Instagram
  8. The Productivity Gap – the disconnect between what we want (and sometimes need) to get done and what we actually can get done.
  9. Now you’ll be able to always identify those unknown birds: This App Identifies Birds by Their Songs
  10. Privacy Watch: A Slippery Slope? Apple Will Soon Snoop on Your Photos
  11. For something fun: ” From Harry Potter To Drag Superstar? Daniel Radcliffe Showcases His Drag Talents & Rump Shaking In The Newest ‘Miracle Workers’ Episode”
  12. Fantastic! I’ve always loved Mercedes Lackey’s books: LGBTQ-inclusive Valdemar fantasy universe is finally coming to television
  13. Not all fun is created equal: The Fun Scale: Understanding Types of “Fun”
  14. Explore what living the van life trend is like with an Australian photographer: Van Life in Australia with Photographer Charlie Blacker
  15. Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ looks behind the curtain of the ‘ex-gay’ movement. Filmmaker Kristine Stolakis said she was driven to explore the controversial movement after the sudden death of her uncle, a conversion therapy survivor.

Oh, and in case you missed it: Imagine my surprise! “Facebook Bans Vaccine Hoax Researchers, Blames FTC”

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  3. Misowhat?
  4. Wordless Wednesday: What I Hate Seeing in the Water When Swimming
  5. A Chat about “A Star is Born”
  6. Streaming Movies (or not)
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